Lighthouse Learning Academy believes that early childhood education is critical to proper development. We feel social and emotional education is the key to a great curriculum in addition to ensuring it prepares young children for kindergarten.

Our curriculum meets and exceeds the TEKS guidelines for prekindergarten as outlined by the Texas Education Agency. A quality program should provide a challenging curriculum that actively engages children in thinking, reasoning, and communicating with others. We believe our curriculum does just that and more!

Additionally, Lighthouse Learning Academy supplements its curriculum using the award-winning Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S. Kelly Bear is a social/emotional curriculum with emphasis on anti-bullying practices.

The goals of the Kelly Bear C.A.R.E.S curriculum are to enhance children’s total development and to prevent problem behaviors by promoting the following 12 key skills:

Self-awareness and self-respect

Emotional understanding of self and others

Social competence and constructive peer relationships


Empathy and kindness towards others

Problem solving and anger management skills

Respect for individual differences

Healthy living choices

Perseverance and resiliency

Refusal skills

Personal safety

Character traits such as honesty and responsibility